Cinema 4d 2023 OSC sequencer by elliot woods

Hello Notch People,

Am trying to implement an osc sequencer plugin (found here - GitHub - elliotwoods/c4d.osc.sequencer: Control OSC enabled applications from Cinema 4D using OSC) in cinema 4d 2023 but no luck until now.

The plugin works fine with older version of cinema 4d using python 2.7. Reason why it’s not working in Cinema 4d 2023 because it uses python 3.9. I ask elliot for a solution how to migrate it to python 3.9 and he pointed me here saying some guys already did it.

I dont know if it would work after converting it to python 3.9. Any solution will be greatly appreciated.


Hey there,

I feel like this question is likely more fit towards Maxon’s support team - we can’t help you with a third party plugin for a software we don’t support.

Try dropping a message here: Maxon’s Support Center