Capture Cards - What works

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Is there still no Blackmagic support?

Some BMD devices are supported. At this point, it depends on the devices and their Windows capture standard support. Notch supports DirectShow and MediaFoundation – the BMD devices that properly support these standards (for example; the DeckLink Mini Recorder 4k as mentioned above) are also supported by Notch.

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I haven’t had any luck with the Ultra Studio Mini Recorder… perhaps it’s not part of the devices supporting these standards.

BMD Decklink 4k mini recorder and decklink 8k pro, both Work in notch.
the Decklink duo2 does not work.

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Also Confirming BMD Ultrastudio Mini HD works with Notch using Directshow

Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus works also. One little trick that might save few hours for you:)
If you have two devices plugged in, make sure to set both or at least one of the device’s name to be the serial number instead of the model number. You can change that in the USBCaptureUtility. Otherwise Notch won’t recognize them as separate sources.



Good tip Ben, thanks for sharing!

Just want to share my experience with the decklink 8k pro.
It was a struggle to get it to work on my laptop via TB3 but once it’s working it stays on the whole time.
One other major issue though is that it can only detect one out of the four inputs available.

On my desktop with Ryzen 3500, it didn’t show up at all. I know this is not an issue within Notch but I’d like to give a heads up to fellow Notch users here in case someone purchases card with the same expectation that I had.

Eventually, I was able to complete my setup by opening 2 instances of OBS that sends out 2 NDI Video signals each and is then picked up in Notch. There was no loss in Video quality and the signal was solid the entire time. So I’m happy to run with that setup again anytime.

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Glad you got it working! Yeah, this isn’t a Notch issue, but it’s still one Notch users have to struggle with, so I’m happy you found a way.

Has anyone tested the Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Recorder 3G with Notch? It has an agressive price tag and both SDI and HDMI inputs.

Want to chime in here and say the Elgato Camlink Pro works for bringing in 4 x HDMI feeds.
pretty affordable option, Not quite Magewell level capture quality but fantastic for smaller cameras and corporate work.

Still love the Magewell SDI and Magewell HDMI 4k + USB devices though.

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I have neither of these products nor have I tried them with Notch. Why would I suggest them then? They are both highly regarded in the streaming world as world class and excellent products.

AJA Product Line - AJA Desktop I/O Solutions

Yuan Cards

Yuan is also sold in several other places.
Also I did not know until a few years ago just how large they are worldwide.

I have neither of these products nor have I tried them with Notch. Why would I suggest them then?

AJA is indeed known to be a good manufacturer, but considering the context of this thread, please do not recommend or suggest capture devices that aren’t verified to work well with Notch specifically, as that’s what people come to this thread to know.

Makes perfect sense. I will do my best to test what I have so I am recommending known good products. Ones that work properly with Notch.

Do you know if the Notch Trial or Edu Versions have any differences from the other products in regards to capture?

Also is there a latency test methodology using Notch itself for testing the latency of a capture device?

Thanks for your help with this.

Yeah, the trial doesn’t support NDI, Spout etc. You can see the comparison table here: Features & System Requirements - Notch

No, because Notch doesn’t really introduce any latency in the actual capture (once the capture is active, feeding those frames to GPU-memory is very fast), so anything you’d use to test latency (or, more accurately; capture processing time) for DirectShow or MediaFoundation would be the same for Notch. What takes time getting the pixels into Notch is the hardware device you’re using + the Windows capture system.

(Latency of visually processing those pixels with effects in Notch is a different thing, of course, but it’s also something else completely) .

it works pretty well, but in 4k I’ve some delay that bothers enough to be noticed in lipsync, I also tried the capture card directly to resolume and the same happends, so its a 4k capture issue.
however in 1080 works veeeeery well

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Are you sure the BM Decklink 8k Pro works, I have one installed and does not pass signal into Notch, buts works in Resolume,