Brighter emissive material

Hi all, is there a away to increase the light thrown off an emissive surface? For instance I have a virtual LED screen in my scene and I would like it to cast more light on an object in front of it. Turning up the Emissiveness and Brightness of the material just over-exposes the image. There’s a similar setting in Cinema4D where you can increase the strength of the illumination but I can’t find anything similar in Notch.

I would use area light with same picture inputed.

Emissive surfaces can’t cast light like a normal light, so if you want them to you can either fake it by adding normal lights near the surface, use voxel cone lighting to pick up the bounce lighting, or raytracing to get an overall improvement to the image quality and pick up emissive lights. of course, these steps all come with performance costs, so you’ll need to decide what’s best for you based on what you current goal is.

– Ryan

Thanks a million for the replies guys, I’ll experiment with both of those suggestions.