Blender mixer; Syphon/Spout/NDI for meshes/models

I know you’re mostly C4D users and afficionados here, but would it be possible to look into Ubisofts new “Mixer” add-on for Blender (horrible name for search optimization - especially together with Blender). Being that it is Ubisoft developing this, I think it carries a lot more weight than a random community project.

In short it may enable multi user/computer/application editing of 3D models in realtime. As the server itself is standalone from Blender, it may not be limited to Blender-instances if implemented by other software.

Browsing through the docs, this kind of looks to me like an early Syphon/Spout for meshes! Worflow-wise this would be fantastic. Something to look at as a feature?


Hi and thanks for the suggestion; we’ve seen a few of these types of projects come and go, so I’ll just say we’re watching some with interest and some others with less interest. This is a brand new one (barely in alpha state) so I can say for certain we won’t be looking too deeply at it right now (certainly not to integrate it), but as it evolves it might become more interesting. There are a few big-name vendor driven things like this already, so it’ll be interesting to see how Ubisoft fares compared with those.

As a concept though, it’s of course pretty intriguing.

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Of course not begging to implement alpha state code! But good to hear that you’re aware of the possibilities :slight_smile:

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