ASCII art Shader

Anyone on here have experience with HLSL shaders?

I have very little, was just trying to make an ASCII art Shader where I choose my own set of characters to be used instead of the full range.

Hit me up if you know your shaders and don’t mind helping out a novice/non-coder with getting the script right!

Hey Jamie,

Plenty of ASCII shaders on which could be ported to Notch using the Custom Shader Post Effect | Notch Manual 0.9.23 node. Bear in mind that ShaderToy using GLSL whereas Notch uses HLSL so it won’t be a copy paste job.


Thanks Tom, though I was able to Google that too,

As I said in my post, unfortunately I do not know shaders myself so I am not looking for signposting but asking if anyone is willing to help me directly.

Could have been paid help but I have redirected their creative now, maybe next time.