Activate checkbox in java

I try to activate deactivate a checkbox with javascript node.
i can control float and int value withour problem.
i read on the documentation that Checkbox work with int = ‘‘Checkboxes are integer properties.’’

Is it because there is no K ‘‘keyable’’ option next to the parameters ?

I want to change the Clear Every Frame in the Root Field with this :
layer = Document.FindLayer(“LayerName”);
node = layer.FindNode(“Field Root”);
node.SetInt(“Attributes.Clean Every Frame”, 1);

Thx for your Help !

It looks like there’s a typo in your code :slight_smile: The property is called “Clear Every Frame”.

node.SetInt(“Attributes.Clear Every Frame”, 1);

– Ryan

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Ahah my bad.
Time to learn to read ^^

Is their is some function OnKeyRelease(key) somewhere ?
It can be helpfull for momentary action.

Thx Ryan !