Accumulating values over time

Howdy -

I would like to add single stated OSC values over time. I have attempted to use the accumulator modifier, but it is stumping me.

For my project, Notch receives “submissions” which hold a static value between -1 and 1. I would like to point these towards the accumulator(or something else) to add together over time.

Once they add up to 10 or 20, I would then trigger a function in Notch and bring the accumulator to 0 to start again.

Any thoughts on how to approach?


sounds doable. with the accumulator in value per second mode, it will add the value connected over time, so e.g it reaches 1 in 1 second, and vice versa. to reset the accumulator, you can just the reset property (visible if you double click the node). got an example where you are running into issues?

– Ryan