About spring effector

hi guys,

first, this is my nodegraph window
i set math modifier’s math function as square
and connected to plain effector’s ‘position Y’ slot.

cloner got 2 effector. plain effector and spring effector.

what i expected was… boxes up and down smoothly because cloner affected by spring effector

when position Y value go 1->0, it works well (move smoothly)
but when value go 0->1, box just move to 1 position without smooth movement

it is just a limitaion of spring node or am i missing something?


I think you are slightly miss understanding the spring effector - its designed to add a spring effect to clones after they have been moved, so it makes sense to me that its behaving that way.

to get the behaviour you are looking for, i think i’d need to know the final effect you are going for. in the basic sample your showing, i would use math in sine mode, and maybe animate the falloff along with the blend amount. the spring effector might not even be necessary in this case.

– Ryan