"60 dfx pack" just for you :)

Hi!, here a “60dfx pack”.

Most of them are quite simple, and nothing revolutionary …and some are quite old. but everything works fine with the latest notch build.
There are some nice things though (procedural fractal, infinite ride/terrain…). have fun playing with it !


This is :fire:! Thanks for sharing @adrien.ravelli

This is an awesome learning source. Thank you @adrien.ravelli :slight_smile:

Very generous! Thanks for all this, it’s a great learning and inspiration source

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Thank You!
But can You split this pack (1.0GB) to 2-3 little packs?
Or You are not owner this file?

Just so you’re aware, your post had injected a spam link to some sort of “worker monitoring software” (worktime dot TLD), which has been removed. Either you have some malware on your computer injecting links into your forum posts, or something else is going on. :slight_smile:


(the link is not part of Adrien’s original post, therefore it was added when you posted your reply)