3Dconnexion support?

Are there any plans to implement 3Dconnexion support?

Hi Ken, A number of people have requested this, so it’s something we’re evaluating. Tx.

3Dconnexion support? Yes please!

Any progress on incorporating 3D Connexion?

Does it work with 3dconnexion yet?

No, and there were not enough requests to warrant us developing support for it. This might change in the future, but for now, this feature is not being actively developed. We’ll continue to monitor requests for this in the community though.

Damn, sorry to hear that… Definitely a really good way to navigate 3D space in real-time… How many requests would it take for you to continue development of it? I’ll pass on the message to other Notch/Space Pilot users :slight_smile:

Direct them here - we read all feedback. :slight_smile: But so far it’s been very, very little.

would be a great addition to have in notch!

Please! It would be great to have in notch! :wink:

+1 would be really nice :slight_smile:

+1 That would be really usefull

Yes! Came here for this. That would be really nice

Yes! That would seriously make us consider notch!

+1 for Spacemouse support :slight_smile:

+1 for Space Mouse support!

+1 Please. Could be nice to use it!

+1. It would be really helpful!

+1. It would be great

+1 for 3d connexion … it would be very helpful !