This file is an experiment with the purpose of expanding the uses and ideas surrounding traditional visualizers and graphs now that generative real-time 3D content is more easily accessible via Notch. Within the file is contained three layers, each with a different type of visualizer: a stopwatch time clock, an audio reactive visualizer, and a progress graph.
The stopwatch clock consists of a single torus with two primitive meshes forming the center dial. Continuous Modifier nodes are set to drive the rotation of the clock’s dial as well as the input value into the Time Counter as Text node.

In the next layer, particles being rendered by the new Geometry Connection Renderer node, are pushed away from their origin as a value being sent from an audio file drives a Force node (set to repel). The particles are kept within a set by being pulled back in via a Primitive Affector node and are slowed down when not being actively pushed by the dampening settings in the SPH node. To make the effect for obvious, I also choose to have the audio file drive small boosts in the Glow node. The Text node is generating its text via a Value to Text node.

In the final scene, the graph works in much the same way as the first, but also uses the value to Text node to drive the text content. The progress marker has been set to emit particles as it travels the circumference of the dial’s face (a custom FBX model). The particles have some mild turbulence applied to them, but on a scale small enough to keep them relatively where they were emitted.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions about the project. I’ve included the file and a link to the video below:

[attachment file=“Visualizers.dfx”]

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Hey man,

really love this piece!
You said there’d be the file attached but instead there’s a png - do you mind uploading the file aswell? Would be a great help getting deeper into Notch.

Thanks in advance!