Text - Bevel Parameter Missing?

Hi guys… when I launch a Text node (under Geometry), I am able to Extrude it but not Bevel it. The earlier manual for 0.9.22 version showed this:

However, 0.9.23 version doesn’t show this. Has it been deprecated or is there a workaround?

Been struggling for hours trying to figure this one out. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Hey Dean,

The bevel parameter was removed from the Text node because it became non-functional while we were working on the raytracing release. Bevelling will return in future, but we don’t have a time scale yet.

For now, you will need to do it in another tool, and import the geometry back into notch.



Thanks for clearing that up Ryan. Will do the workaround for now.

Is there any workable solution for this that can keep the text dynamic? Really need to be able to bevel the text for a client which will be providing (and changing and updating throughout) a spreadsheet of contestant names in a broadcast project.

Sadly not at present - might be some way you could build it with JavaScript and loading in the letters individually, but I can only imagine that being a very messy solution, if one at all.

It is being looked at for the next release, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for that.

– Ryan

Okay, we will go down the imported mesh approach, thanks for the update.