Rendering Loops


Im getting into Notch and liking it. However, I would love an advice about how to render/export loops in general? Im creating all kinds of content, so there is no specific case to present. I`m aware of media server workflows and they are cool, but rendering loops would feel pretty basic function as well. However, I have not managed to find solution.

Thank you!

When you say loops, do you mean looping content, or content that can run continously?

Looping content is usually a game of finding how to break stuff up and blend between different states - that’s how I’ve been going about it in some of my own experiments. This doesn’t work for all systems, but there are usually other tricks to solve this problem.

For continuously playing content, you have to export it to a standalone block and let it play back in real-time. This allows any content to playback indefinitely, but you need a decent GPU and cooling to sustain heavy workloads for long periods…

– Ryan

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