Quicktime Codecs

Just wondering what Quicktime codecs I can use?


Hi Simon. Quicktime Codecs fall into two categories:

  • Via the Quicktime framework - we support all codecs that Quicktime supports. Just install the codec as you would normally in Windows and we can play it and export it.
  • Native support - these are codecs where we have written our own GPU encoders/decoders for specific formats: Animation RLE, HAP(Q), DXV

Our Native support is expanding as time goes by, but you can cover all the other codecs with the Quicktime framework (which works pretty seamlessly) in the meantime.

The reason we are moving to Native codec support, is that Appleā€™s support of their Quicktime framework on Windows is dwindling, only 32bit, occasionally struggles to handle very large resolutions well.