Ligths to disguise

hi here¡¡
i´m working with d3 and nothc.
im wondering if there is a way to output the light in a certain spot on the scene and transfer this information to a light screen in d3 , so they can control the physical lights based on the notch scene…

not just read the information of the notch lights themselve, but the combination of different lights on a certain spot in the scene.

thanks a lot¡

Hi there! I think I understand but do give me some more information if this doesn’t answer the question. the Notch “scene” can be rendered from any position via the Notch Camera, so anything you want to focus on. You can render from that angle, then add the NotchBlock to disguise and Map it to the screen lights.! - Using d3 you can feed map or parallel map the content to exactly where you want it to target on the screen lights.