Interactive touch screen

Hey Notch pals, :v:

I’m after advice on how to create a giant touch screen with notch. Take the homepage of Netflix for example. I want to be able to swipe and select videos that open other windows etc.

Thanks for your help guys and stay safe out there!


Ah that sounds fun :slight_smile: there’s a lot of experimenting you’d need to look into there, but as a start I’d look at the mouse point array to test data input with the hotzone and extractor modifier good for detecting presses in different areas. swiping gets tricky, you’ll need to get some sort of swipe detection cooked up with modifiers, but that should work. selecting videos to open other windows should be fine, just detect a button press and play an animation the bring something up front - hide it when its done. It gets trickier depending on what the final look needs to be, and how exactly everything needs to blend together, but i’d worry about those once you’ve got a proof of concept going.

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for your help with this. That’s got me started nicely. I’ve got the picker and the hotspot that triggers the scale and brings my video to full scale but im pulling my hair out with getting the video to close or shrink once completed. How would you go about that?



Entirely depends on the scene you got up to this point. Send the project into Notch support and I can help there, otherwise I’m just going to be putting up random suggestions which wont likely be too helpful.