Getting LUTs from client references

Anyone know how to go about generating a LUT from a video or still? Or if this is possible? I use them all the time but it’d be great to have a quick way to extract them from client references.

A brief google search says that there are tools out there, but I am hesitant to say how good any of them will be. They are all looking at images, they don’t know what the source image was like and how it was changed, so I think your mileage may vary on that topic.

– Ryan

Yeah, I’ve done the usual searches but found similar results.

I’m curious as to how that would work: how can anyone know what the LUT did to the original image?

It wasn’t so much an attempt to extract the original actual LUTs as to take a snapshot of the high/mid/low tones and gamma etc. and create a new one - just wondered if I could save myself a bit of grading time as a client has sent me an upcoming commercial as a style reference…

I can create my own in Premiere and import them but matching to a reference is done by eye/spectrographs