Demolition FX - Error OnSaveDocument

Hey there. I’m a pipeline dev my work and I’ve an issue with an artist trying to save or render files to a network drive. He has no problem saving locally, and then copying the file over, but this is not a great workflow.

If I open this file with a learning license of Notch I am able to save it to the network, but then is is locked to be opened with learning version of notch, which is not desirable.

From what I can tell:

  • Not a permission issue. We’re able to save and render to the same place with other software.
  • Not a space issue. we have TB free.
  • I saw that release 9.23.180 there’s a bug fix note: * [UI] Fixed a bug when checking the destination drive for the amount of free disk space. The artists are using 9.23.200 so its not that bug.
  • Checked all source files paths and preference paths for special characters… none detected.

The error message reads:
Demolition FX
Error OnSaveDocument. There is not enough drive space available on the destination location.

I’d include the file but as a new user it won’t let me. The file is only 8 mb, pretty basic file.

Any suggestions

Hi there,

Unfortunately saving a dfx to a network drive using the “\NETWORK-NAME\folder\project.dfx” syntax is not currently supported. This is due to an issue with how we detect free space on drives, which we will be fixing in a future build of Notch.

In the meantime, I suggest mapping your network drive to a letter using subst (subst | Microsoft Docs). For example:

subst p: \DESKTOP-2QTPJ5Q\my_network_folder

Then in the save dialog you can enter “P:\project.dfx” and it will save correctly.


Thank you so much for that info Thomas. That did the trick!
Not the most optimal way for us to work right now but we can manage until a future build.
Appreciate you responding and I look forward to future builds!