Notch Showcast Season 4: who should we talk to?

Hi all! We’re starting pre-production on the next season of our podcast, and we’d like to hear your input on who we should speak to and what stories you’d like covered. Obviously, we can’t guarantee anything (availability of people, scheduling, relevancy etc), but we’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you have any feedback on the seasons/episodes so far, we’d also like to hear them.

The mission statement for the Notch Showcast is to sit down (virtually, these days) with Notch users from around the world and learning about them and their exciting projects. The current schedule aims to have the next season start broadcasting around March/April.

Hello !

I was wondering if it’s possible to have an episode talking about experiences and tips to get our firsts Notch contracts. Maybe the pandemic makes it way harder but I feel like we only see jobs for experimented users.
Thanks for all the work you do for new users btw !

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the suggestion - I think it’s a good subject to tackle indeed: how does one transition from being a Notch beginner (though with experience from other fields, usually) to someone who can reliably get jobs using their skills. We’re actually working on a blog series where we’ll be talking to people about topics such as this, which I think is probably a better format than the podcast which is usually focused around someone’s specific work.


Great ! I’ll keep an eye on all of it

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Fun question :slight_smile: I would like to hear about virtual production use cases.

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