expose video input to d3

Good morning,
I just received the dongle and immediately went to work: D
The first thing I would like to do is export a notch block to d3 to get the chroma key on a video input in d3.
I did everything, following a tuto, I exposed the source type of the video node in but when I am in d3 I cannot see the video source (directshow) of the d3

Thanks, Alberto

Hey Alberto!

Is the video source within the block itself or in d3 and you are trying to connect it to the video exposable parameter?

Hei harrisonmead,
that was the first day I had the Notch dongle … to date I have made great strides :rofl:
No … jokes aside that thing I solved it

Thanks, Alberto

Great news! May I ask how you resolved it?

Many thanks