Clients need more Artists!

We are seeing regular requests at Notch from companies of all shapes and from different industries and the key message we are hearing is, we need more Notch Artists!

Our very own Training Lead and Product Specialist, Armin, keeps a great portfolio of his Notch work online at Behance but he has a job! ; )

We are looking for ideas of how we can connect YOU the Artists, to the many clients looking to work on projects today and in the future with your skills. Share your ideas with us!


This forum could serve that purpose.

There could be a section called “Looking for Work” where community members could post their resume and demo reels. Since companies are already posting jobs on this forum it seems like a good opportunity to reverse that process and give companies the chance to browse available artists for hire.


We’re here!!!
I know it’s not the pretiest but putting a request on the facebook group is pretty good, at least for me I got a few jobs that way.

It is kinda annoying because it fuels my need to have to check the old soul sucking social media…but I think it’s usually a good place to post and comment with links to past works.

Maybe a depository of artists (some form of google sheet) with sections about diffrent skills, past works, notable projects/clients…but I geuss “what the client is looking for” would be a question for the clients looking for artists…

Good to know there is a high request for us!

Agreed with @alonhammer22, social media is less than ideal for the obvious reasons :slight_smile: .

Dedicated job boards such as are really helpful towards this goal I think, assuming there are lots of artists out there.

More tutorials and a more comprehensive manual would also go a long way towards adding and retaining artists to the community…

My assumption is that gathering analytics about artist feature requests/RFEs would grow the community the fastest. I’ve posted before on this forum about doing such a thing, and been told that 10-bit really isn’t interested in this approach. Which is really unfortunate, since Notch has tremendous potential to revolutionize the mograph industry, if it hires a serious UX design firm to re-imagine the UX anyway.

Adobe and Maxon are both stellar examples of companies that listen to their users. Sometimes to their own detriment, of course, but hey, they have millions of users, and that’s no accident. It’s by design. :slight_smile:

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I agree about the UI. One of my favourite things about C4D is the ability for me to fully optimise and navigate the UI. Haven’t ever felt like Adobe listen to their users though!

Think of Resolume, they have made a fantastic built-for-purpose software and are still actively developing it with their community, however it wasn’t until version 7 that they managed to introduce an undo function which they said themselves made it much harder to implement!

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